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The Dietrich Funeral The Dietrich Funeral Home has a wide variety of merchandise. In order to present quality alternatives, our firm has a commitment to provide a various slection of manufacturers.  

Material                                  Price Range



 $700 - $5,500

 Stainless Steel 



 $4,800 - $8,000




 $1,400 - $16,000

 Bronze or Copper



 $7,500 - $14,000



Vault Disclosure: In New York State a burial vault is not a legal requirement.

Many cemeteries; however, require a receptacle to prevent settling of the ground at the grave-site. Either a burial vault or a grave liner will satisfy this requirement. . The vault prices range from $598 - $3,320.



Additional Items Available

Memorial Registry Books. Help record the families and friends who attended the service.

Service Programs. Can provide an outline of the service, clergy, music, pallbearers, pictures, and personalized tributes.

Acknowledgement Cards. Can thank those who offered their condolences and help... when it was too hard to say in person.

Prayer Cards. Are offered in many different styles (religious, nature series, military) and may incorporate a personal photograph,  any prayer or personal verse.

Floral Tributes.Can be arranged to accomodate the needs for the visitation, service, or gravesite ceremony.

Crucifix, Cross, or Rosary.

Available Payment Options:  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card

The Dietrich Funeral Home takes pride in accomodating families with their financial needs.


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