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Pre-Arranging and Pre-funding 

The  pre-planning of a  funeral  arrangement  is a service made available by The Dietrich Funeral Home to  provide our families with information,  options  and  answers.

With over 121 years of experience within the Dietrich Funeral Home existence, our skilled staff is sensitive to your needs and we strive to make a difficult time easier by pre-planning. The pre-arrangement may be a brief conversation to create and record one's intent or a full consultation to address all necessary issues in a detailed manner. In either case, whether brief or extensive, you will be consulting with an experienced, licensed funeral director who is well informed in all areas of pre-planning.

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Pre-arrangements can be made in person by calling us at 1-716 -839-2818,  toll free: 1- 800  741-1621 or by visiting us at our 2480 Kensington Avenue Amherst  location to make arrangements in person with one of our caring, professional Funeral Directors.


Reasons for Considering Pre-Planning of Funeral Arrangements:

  • Avoid decisions in crisis  without stress, fatigue or depression
  • Lock in a guaranteed cost
  • Take advantage of medicaid opportunities
  • Resolve Social Security issues
  • Structure military presentation
  • Consider funeral breakfast options
  • Invest safely,  FDIC insured
  • To be aware that all revocable accounts are refundable and portable
  • To be aware that all medicaid accounts are irrevocable (New York State law)
  • Provide a guarantee against inflation
  • Plan special funeral liturgy:   music, readings, prayers, poetry, etc.
  • Consider photograph presentation
  • Assistance in  eulogy  presentation
  • Cremation options and questions: casket rental,   burial of cremains,  legality of  scattering  cremains, commemorative urns,  jewelry urns, etc.
  • Consideration of cemetery options with regard to  full burial  or cremation
  • Leaving loved ones with guidance and direction  providing family relief
  • Peace of mind in knowing that wishes are properly recorded.


The pre-funding of a funeral has many benefits. All monies are deposited in a federally insured trust account in the name of the beneficiary. An accounting is provided to each family annually. No funds are transferred to the Dietrich Funeral Home prior to service being provided.


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The Dietrich Funeral Home provides all consultation at no charge. 

             Consumers Check List for Pre-Funding A Funeral

                                             (article as found in Transitions, by Bonnie McCullough CAE)

The decision to preplan your funeral is a loving gesture for those you leave behind as it relieves them of decision-making at a stressful time. It is a simple procedure that doesn't take much time and allows you to make specific choices such as music, flowers, and type of service for your funeral, based on your personal preferences.

Pre-planning also sets aside funeral funding so your family will not have to deal with monetary considerations. New York State consumers who prefund their funerals have their money protected by the strongest laws in the nation which require that such funds be placed in an interest-bearing trust account where the principal and interest remain the property of the consumer.

When you have prefunded a funeral in New York State, you should feel positive and comfortable about the following check list:

  1. Did you receive a copy of the funeral home's General Price List?
  2. Did you receive a copy of the Itemization Statement and Preneed Agreement you signed with the funeral home?
  3. Did you receive a Confirmation Statement of the money you left as a deposit within 30 days? Was this deposit sent to the financial institution within 10 days of the date you signed your agreement? Does the name of your depository (i.e., financial institution) appear on your confirmation? Was your money placed in an interest-bearing account or government backed investment, such as United States Treasury bonds?
  4. If you are currently receiving or have applied for Medicaid, did you sign an Irrevocable Agreement? By law, you must sign such an agreement which requires that any money leftover after the funeral will be returned to the local Department of Social Services office.
  5. When you make additional deposits to your preneed account, you must receive a confirmation statement of each deposit.
  6. Look for an Annual Statement at year-end which will show your activity, including interest payments. (You may be responsible for paying income tax on these interest payments depending on your particular situation.)

It is important to remember that the money in your prefund account belongs to you. Upon written request, the funeral home must advise you of the account balance, including interest. If your account is revocable, upon written request, you may withdraw the principal and interest at any time without penalty.

When pre-planning a funeral, it is important to tell family members about the arrangements and where the relevant documents are kept. Copies should be given to a spouse or next-of-kin so that they will be aware of your wishes. It is not a good idea to keep them in safe deposit box or attorney's office because they will not be easily accessible after death.

If you need more information about the pre-planning process, your neighborhood funeral director will be happy to answer any questions you have. Or visit the New York State Funeral Directors Association's website at: NYSFDA has published a comprehensive brochure, Pre-Planning Pre-Funding a Funeral, which explains different types of agreements, contains sample preplan documents and features information for SSI and Medicaid recipients. Consumers may order it for a nominal postage and handling fee of $3.50 by contacting NYSFDA on their website, or at 426 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205.

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